Sledging in Melville Bay in North West Greenland in March 2022
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The nomad polar observatory

Let’s give meaning to your explorations

We love what amazes us and we protect what we love

Rather than prowess, let’s put humanity and science at the heart of exploration

The way we explore a place is as important as the place itself

Expertise in the polar regions. Privileged relationships with local communities. Design, preparation and tracking of expeditions. Training and conferences


A new kind of expedition facing an exceptional and uncertain challenge. Not to go further, higher or stronger, but to make the sharing of discoveries and exceptional sensations the heart of the exploit, bringing meaning rather than extremes to the human adventure.

“SIKULLU SILARSUAQ KISImI NAAGALAVOQ” – Only time and ice are masters

A team in Greenland forged by adventures, hardships and the harshness of the environment. Bonds woven by a passion for perfection to lead expeditions and SEDNA missions


Behind each expedition, a story

Actions more than words

Some examples of missions we have carried out

SEDNA in pictures…